Utility Service Locating

Locate and Mark services on site using DBYD Accredited Locating Professionals will assist to avoid striking underground services or pipe

Locate services across Civil and Rail construction projects to mitigate the risks of service strikes.

When planning a project, designing works, commencing breaking ground or during ongoing works, Utility Service Location is one of the most important first steps for every stage of works.

Whether it is a full site service scan for planning and design, a site clearance before road sawing or trenching, or borehole/test pit clearance, utilising DBYD Accredited professional locators with the experience you expect is a no-brainer.

With Telstra and Optus accreditation, and experience working from the Sunshine Coast, QLD to Melbourne, VIC, on major Civil Infrastructure Projects (including all major Sydney projects in the last five years), we can locate the services across your site and mark them to Australian Standard levels to ensure as little is left to chance as possible.

Experience on major rail infrastructure projects, and the knowledge of the important locating safety requirements (tracing frequency limits and working in the Rail Corridor) involved makes us perfectly suited to assisting on your next rail job.