Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning being performed checking for and marking marking steel, stressing cable ducts and conduits prior to performing any penetration works to ensure these items are not damaged

Ensure that your cutting, coring and anchoring is completed easily and safely by scanning all penetration locations with GPR by fully trained professionals.

Striking services or PT (stressing) cable ducts in the slab can turn a good day bad, fast, so ensuring that anything in the slab has been located and marked will ensure you have performed your due diligence and reduce the risk for your company and it's workers. Marking the steel in the slab can also reduce the cutting time and cost by moving core hole locations to avoid the bars.

Often erroneously called "Concrete X-Ray", Concrete Scanning uses specialised Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate objects within concrete slabs and walls, block walls, columns and other masonry items. Real Concrete X-Ray requires radioactive X-Ray sources, 360degree exclusion zones and ARPANSA licensed providers, but Concrete Scanning does not require you to clear your site to mark up a core hole location, and is 100% safe to operators and surrounding workers.

Our fully trained operators only use top of the line equipment designed specifically for the job, not just built to have a company name pasted on the side. Due to that, they can do many things that cheaper machines cannot do, and other untrained or lesser trained users do not know how to do. We train all our operators in-house, using years of skill and experience obtained working in the field, not just a two hour course on how the equipment works from the manufacturer. This is the way we ensure you are receiving a premium service that you expect.